Friday, January 2, 2009

My girls are growing up.

Even with the shorter days, I'm getting more eggs.

My Buckeyes have *finally* started laying. The Buckeyes are my emotional favorites, but not my favorite when it comes to the bottom line. They are friendly enough, very intelligent, and have no problem letting one of the kittens know when they're out of line.

They did, however, take a much longer time than my other three breeds to start laying.

These girls, my Buff Orpingtons, were my earliest maturing and have been my steadiest layers.

These girls - my Easter Eggers - have been my challenge. They don't like to be enclosed, they don't like to lay eggs where everyone else does, and they have interchickenal (just made that up) relationship issues. They're like the drunk who is five feet tall but thinks he's ten feet tall until a good punch brings him back to his senses. They pick fights and then three seconds later are running away yelling for mercy.

They also don't have a problem disciplining the kittens, though in their case, it's not so much disciplining as taking out frustration. Neither one of these kittens were doing anything to annoy them besides coming in the pen.

Which I suppose would be annoying to a chicken.

These girls, my Cuckoo Marans, are as sweet as the Orpingtons, and have been right with them when it comes to maturation rate and number of eggs laid.

Because of the cost of feed, I need to liquidate. I have nine Buckeyes and four each of the other three breeds. Which birds I end up with will depend more on which ones sell well around here than on which ones I want to keep. For my current purposes, an egg is an egg.

Though I won't be sad if the Easter Eggers go first. Gorgeous troublemakers that they are.


Christy said...

If I were close enough I'd take the easter eggers. Mine aren't laying yet, they are old enough, but I guess the short days are keeping them from. I'm ready for some eggs!

Sarah said...

If you were closer, I'd give 'em to you! Their eggs aren't deeply tinted. I can tell them from the light brown eggs, but only slightly.

Tuan's Princess said...

I want some chicks! I need to talk to my hubby first though. Maybe we can work something out.

Danielle said...

My Buckeyes are taking forever to come into lay as well. I'm hoping they'll be good meat birds because they don't lay worth a darn so far.

My Delawares are keeping us in eggs at the moment out of a laying flock with buckeyes, ameraucanas, cuckoo marans, welsummers, dorkings, and dominiques. My ameraucanas lay gorgeous green and blue eggs, but they do like to range far and wide, and I always have one that's a loner and refuses to stay in with the other hens. The trick is finding where she's laying so I can gather her eggs. Funny thing is, though, she never stopped laying while the others in the flock did. Hmmm....