Saturday, January 3, 2009

My favorite is none too bright.

Do you see this kitten?

He's my favorite out of Aradia's latest litter. He's aloof at times, friendly at times, and he's shaping up to be a good hunter.

But he's none too bright.

This morning it was freezing. It had been a very cold night. I decided to take a page out of Farmgirl's book and make oatmeal for the chickens. It wasn't going to be a regular occurence, just a treat - and I was curious about how well they'd like it.

I took it out to the chicken coop and poured some in each feed dish. One of the orphan kittens (who are all now well on their way to being teenagers) was following me, so I dumped a small pile for him, not sure if he would like it.

He sniffed at it and recoiled from the heat. He complained at me. He pawed at it and flipped away a hot piece of oatmeal that stuck to his paw. He complained even louder. Three of the younger kittens heard him complaining and came running in. Two of them, upon seeing him cautiously circling it, slowed down themselves and started investigating it. The third, this sweet grey and white one, upon seeing the steaming (apparently delicious smelling) pile of oatmeal, ran up to it and took a huge bite. This was no little nibble. He jumped straight up in the air. Twelve inches at the least. Straight. Up. And then he gave me a dirty look as if I'd planned it all and stormed into the corner to nurse his smarting pride and burned mouth.

There are times in your life when, for whatever reasons - stress or busyness or just lack of hilarity inducing experiences, you laugh and you can't remember the last time you laughed that hard. Which makes you want to cry, kind of, but then you take advantage of the moment and laugh so hard that tears come to your eyes and you get both at the same time. And it feels so good to laugh that hard that even when you notice you're hurting a feline's pride, you just don't care. It was his fault for being so damn cute.

By the way, both the chickens and the kittens loved the hot oatmeal.


Christy said...

My chickens didn't care for oatmeal when I made it for them. Maybe I did it wrong? The chickens had me laughing that hard the other day, they sure can be funny.

hen said...

That is ridiculously cute!!

I love they way you describe letting yourself go to make the most of a belly laugh! I often do this - I feel a bit less mad now I've read you do it too!!