Monday, December 29, 2008

The weather and a chicken question.

So we've gotten some snow lately.

Not near as much as the Oregonians (Oregonese? Oregonans? Oregonish?) have gotten, not by a long shot.

For example, we can still make it to the bathroom.

It's been a lot, but no more - so far - than usual. *And* it looks to melt within the next few days so that we won't have to pack the next storm on top of this one, which makes getting out of our 1/2 mile (more or less - I really don't have a clue) driveway easier.

Here's one of the kids heading out to chore with her dad. She doesn't leave his side when he's home.

Now for the chicken question.

I have this problem. I've moved the chickens into our shed to protect them from the wind as much as possible. I don't think I've mentioned anywhere on this blog how much wind we get. We get some wind.

So every morning I walk in to water and feed, and every afternoon I walk in to water and gather eggs. And every dad-blame-gum time, I'm tripping over chickens. I don't have that many chickens! Yet every time I walk in, I have chickens run up to me, turn around and act like they're either pooping or laying an egg. Yet they're doing neither. Every dad-blame-gum time.

Can anyone explain this behavior to me? Please?

I'm starting to feel like they think I'm more handsome than I am.


Gail said...

They are just glad to see you. you are the one who brings them feed and water.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Christy said...

I think they just like you and are maybe bored. My chickens run up to me everytime I go into their pen.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Well, here's what I have to say to all this.

1) I think your kids are so precious. But I'm not telling you anything I haven't already told you before.

2) I am an Oregonian (pronounced: "or-eh-go-nee-an". And just FYI, in case you were wondering, Oregon is pronounced "Or-eh-gun", and not "Or-ee-gone" as some easterners would have you believe. ;-)

3) I've heard from another source that it's very windy where you live. Can you confirm this? (snort)

4) You are clearly way more handsome than you initially thought. Do you have a rooster? I can't remember if you do. If not, when your chickens run over to you, do they turn, face away from you and then crouch down? If so, this is their submissive position just in case you would like to, um, mount them. This would mean they have identified you as the leader (aka rooster) of their little flock. Oh and also that they like you. A lot. lol

Sarah said...

Gail and Christy - thanks for visiting! I'm hoping it's because they like me...

Danni -
1) aw, you're so sweet. thanks!
2) ha! i was right the first time! lol
3) want to know a fun fact? we can't fly kites here. it's too windy.
4) i was wondering. that crouch is exactly what they do. at first i was worried that they were doing it out of fear, but i move slowly and quietly around them, so they have no reason to fear. then i noticed that they were running up to me to turn around and crouch down. that's when i started to get the 'want to buy a girl a drink?' vibe.

i don't have any roosters because all of them were too protective with kids on the place. which sucks, really, because they weren't aggressive to me, so i was culling roosters that showed desirable (protective but not aggressive to me) behavior. my kids sporadic and loud movements just made them nervous and that made them protective of their girls.

thanks for your help!

Danielle said...

Yeah, what farmgirl said. Your hens are all sluts—they need a man. ;)

I've kept hens with and without roosters, and while I've never had an aggressive roo, the hens are way easier to catch when they don't have a roo around.

Healing Green said...

Yep, you are their rooster! My girl's started doing this, too, after we ate our rooster (mean, angry fellow). So when they do it I pet them from their necks, along their wings, and under their tails now, as a rooster would (if he's nice, lol). And my girl's have become even more loving than before, they follow me everywhere, and even sneak into the house behind sometimes!

Emerald said...

yes, you are the 'token roo'... luck you ;)too bad about your past experiences with roosters... we've been lucky to only have one who (irony) went to live on a farm in Idaho (yes, really). I wouldn't say my boys are 'lap chickens' as many of my hens have been, but several of the little guys have tolerated, even wanted to be held, petted & carried about the yard whilst napping...