Monday, November 17, 2008

My first Zero Mile Meal

...and it was an accident!

I marinated one of our pork roasts in a steak sauce that I'd bottled from our plums. We had mashed turnips from the garden, fresh beets, and green onions and grilled onions to put on the meat or mix in with the turnips. If you add in the milk that my husband drank, it became a Two Mile Meal, since we get our cow milk from a wonderful farmer down the road. I didn't realize until we began eating that we had a meal in front of us that was as local as it comes.

The only beets I've ever had have been canned beets that my mom bought from the store. Mushy, tasteless lumps that I had to eat to be excused from the table. Fresh beets are so very different. My husband's always liked beets and I couldn't understood why until now.

I've never eaten turnips before - ever. I really, really liked them. I may even prefer mashed turnips to mashed potatoes. The flavor is more robust. Do you have any good turnip recipes you can pass on to me? I'm planting more turnips next year.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Congrats! Isn't it wonderful. I was the same way about spinach, until I grew it and had fresh, and lightly cooked, spinach greens, I was hooked.

Your dinner sounds delicious, I have better luck with rutabagas, but they are similar to turnips. Try a turnip gratin, you will love it. :)

green said...

Way to be Sarah!

That is a big milestone... :)

Robin said...

Congratulations! Good for you!

Sarah said...

TTC (sorry, not sure how you feel about me using your name, so I'll go with the initials for now) - Yeah, I was so surprised about the beets. I was grimacing when I tried them. Nearly plugged my nose!

I've never even heard of rutabagas, I don't think. I'll have to try a test plot of them next year. Though if I enjoy them as much as turnips, I'll wish I'd grown more than a test plot.

Green, thanks! It is a big milestone for me. How sad, aye?

Robin, thanks!

Candace @ A Garden of Blessings said...

Hi Sarah,
I don't have any turnip recipes for you, but I think it is awesome that you pieced together a meal from food you raised.
Great job!