Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quieting the crowing.

These three studs are in my freezer now. I actually contemplated keeping the white one but he was getting too protective of his girls. That's a cullable trait on a farm with small kids.

This manly black and white specimen and all of his brothers are also in my freezer. I used two of them for dinner at a family reunion. It was a surprisingly cathartic experience using chicken meat that I had raised myself. One more step away from the machine.

I harvested ten roosters altogether. The crowing is now down to just a few Buckeye roosters.


Nita said...

Cathartic is the perfect word - I feel that way, after a useful job. Empowering is another. Just think how good at this your kids will be - that 's what keeps me going.

Smart idea to put them in the freezer, before they became a problem. A customer begged us to take a rooster, foolishly we did, after two weeks, he began challenging us, and then attacked the kid, who was 3 at the time. she came out with a scar near her eye, and the rooster was stupid enough to keep coming after my husband after he kicked him away. We didn't eat him - I think the meat was probably bruised...

Sarah said...

It's amazing how empowering (great word choice) it is.

LOL at your bruised meat comment. I won't have animals that will purposely hurt my children on the place. I want my kids to enjoy the life.