Saturday, August 23, 2008

How local can you go?

We did pretty well for this one. Not the best, but pretty well. The onion, carrots, and cabbage were from my garden (the cabbage needed to be saved from the *$&%^$* earwigs). The honey is local, the olive oil and vinegar are not.

It's a coleslaw recipe from Trapper Creek's blog. I've never liked coleslaw. The only slaw I had growing up was from Long John Silver's, a fast-food seafood restaurant in northern Oklahoma. A seafood restaurant. In northern Oklahoma. It wasn't good - the seafood or the slaw.

But this slaw... this slaw is *good*. My daughter ate at least a cup full, and for my snacking daughter, that's saying a lot.

So head on over to Trapper Creek's blog and nab the recipe at this post. Trust me. It's worth it. The blog and the recipe. She's a funny lady. My husband's still laughing at her “Objects in the mirror are close to getting backed over, if they don’t quit gesturing like that!” post. I wish I hadn't shown him that post. I could have used it this fall when we help his dad haul hay and I would have sounded so clever. Damn it.


Nita said...

Sarah, you are pretty funny yourself, and I have to tell you I absolutely ALWAYS love your choice of header pics. The new horse rider is looking pretty good. That horse is getting a lot of mileage.

Sarah said...

Aw, thanks, Nita.

I ended up calling your blog "Trapper Creek" because saying "Throwback's blog" or "Matron's blog" just didn't sound right. You don't seem like a matron to me. lol

Isn't he a cutey? That horse is getting a *ton* of mileage. My sister gave it to us when my oldest was a baby because her kids had no interest in it. We've yet to have a kid under the age of four come through our door and not promptly rock themselves off of it backwards. Tough little bugger.