Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Feeling my oats.

So the oats are harvested now. Eighty-four square feet, a pretty small test plot. I can't tell you how many bushels that gave me since it seems that half of the oats are on the ground and the rest are still attached to the stalk.

Here are some more shots of how they looked after the wind storm. I didn't take pictures of the oats that were flattened.

So I've learned some useful lessons for next year from this.

I expected one of the lessons to be "oats aren't worth it", but as an animal feed, in the weather we had this year (late, wet spring that went a month into "summer"), this was an easy, productive crop.

I'll try it next year to see if it works in a more "normal" weather year. If we get a more normal weather year next year.

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Nita said...

A friend of ours grows the naked oats and gets a pretty good yield, but he hasn't been able to get the protein content very high. But he is a conventional farmer, so I think that might be part of the cause.

He really likes them without the hull.