Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The bean teepee.

This spring I emailed my dad this link and said "I want to build one of these this spring. Wouldn't that be fun for the girls?"

The next time he came to visit he had the wood, the paint, and the string. He got my daughter busy helping him and by the end of his visit we had a teepee set up and staked down (Have I mentioned the wind here? It's strong.).

Here they are priming the wood.

Then painting the next morning.

I had to include two pictures of her painting in her pajamas. She's that cute.

Then we lashed it together.

I always seem to have a lot of help.

Not that I'm complaining.

Grayson didn't help so much as supervise.

Then we stood it up and tried to spread the poles out.

Then we laid it down, re-lashed it a bit looser and tried to set it up again. Then re-lashed it looser. Then we finally were able to get it to stand correctly.

Ignore the undressed child above. She was working hard at keeping those poles apart.

Hey, at least she's not dancing on the pole.

Oh dear.

Here's the finished teepee, staked in. We stuck it near the old grape trellis on a patch of dirt that wasn't growing grass. My husband didn't want it anywhere where it would kill part of the lawn.

It's supposed to end up looking like this:

Here it is last week. It's a bit more full this week, but it still looks nothing like the picture above. That might have something to do with it being placed on a patch of dirt that wasn't growing grass.

Maybe less intensively planted seeds than the picture, very probably less fertilizer, but similar beans.

These are Scarlet Emperor...

and Painted Lady beans.

I could have planted one of several different types of vining plants on this teepee, but I wanted it to be a food plant that the girls could snack on. I didn't account for the fact that, in a child's mind, pretty flowers *right now* are more important than beans to eat later on. Very probably, the only beans that will grow on this teepee will be up higher than they can reach.

But they *are* pretty flowers.

Next year I'll use the same types of beans interspersed with a boring (read: doesn't have pink flowers) variety, plant them a bit more intensively and a bit earlier, and feed them more than I did this year. These beans have done well with what they've been given.


Nita said...

This is your best one yet - especially the pole dancer. ;)

I think your beans did pretty good, those photo ads can be misleading. It's like looking at Martha Stewarts garden,I can't imagine what it would take labor and $ wise to maintain her vegetable patch. It looks pretty, but I can never achieve that look.

I forgot to mention on the carrot post, that sometimes for my later carrot plantings, when it is drier, I plant my rows and then cover with row cover. I can still water that way and it doesn't make the soil crust. When the seedlings come up, I take it off.

I'm liking your recent flurry of posting too!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Beautiful kids, beautiful pictures..really cool teepee idea, you're dad is so sweet to do this project with them. Your pole dancing daughter is hilarious. And is that a kitten fast asleep on Grayson? sigh. Life appears to be happy, productive and peaceful at your home. :-)

Michael said...

Hey at least her name isn't Candy or something.

Looks like it's the greenhouse next Sarah.

Sarah said...

Nita, Thank you for the carrot advice. I need it. I think you're right about the Martha Stewart look. And the girls love playing in it, even if it's not so full and bushy.

Farmgirl, it's so good to see you here! I need to comment on your blog more. I read it all the time, but usually have a child pull me away before I can comment.

Michael, I know, right? I wish we could get a greenhouse going. I still need to post pictures of that herb garden you did....

Christy said...

That's a really cool idea! I'll have to try that next spring. Logan would love it.

taylor said...

Hah! The kid dancing on the pole is brilliant!

And I LOVE the bean teepee idea. I bet it makes harvesting a breeze.

Laura Anes said...

This is a fabulous entry - came across it looking for tee pee cakes - go figure! I really want to make one now and your children are sooo adorable!!! Would love to post a link on my Facebook - but wanted your permission first, you can friend me first if you want to check out my content to see I am a pretty normal mother of 2 :-)

Sarah said...

Laura, thank you for asking permission. I don't mind if you link to it.