Tuesday, August 19, 2008

About that wind...

One of the things that I, as a rank beginner, am learning is how to take the information about anything and apply it to my specific situation here.

Case in point - oats. I grew a test plot of oats this year. They grew thick and fast. After reading about all of the different ways I could choose to harvest them, I decided to wait until they were "dead-dry", harvest, and feed them stalk and all to my animals in the winter. This had several benefits, one of which was that I would not need to thresh the oats.

I won't be doing it this way next year - the wind did the threshing for me. In one afternoon. The wind picked up to fifty miles an hour and within a few hours, 70 percent of my oats were on the ground. Lesson learned.

I enjoyed growing them and think that they'll be a good crop for me for several reasons, but next year I'll be harvesting when they are still green.

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Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

If we make oat hay, we cut it in the "dough stage" and cure just like our grass hay, that way the straw is still green/blue and soft enough for eating. If you wait until it is dry you have grain and straw, and the animals are more likely to not eat the straw. Our biggest problem with oat hay storage or grain storage of any kind is rodents. We have to have at least 10 cats to keep the varmints at bay, and it's hard for us to keep 10 cats, since they seem to disappear on a regular basis...

That is terrible about the wind - did it come with that awful heat? We now are getting a fall like rain storm that is soaking our hay. This has been some weather year :(