Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trimming the lilacs.

My goats are on a pasture with no browse. The other pasture has plenty of browse, but the goats tend to eat the browse that I don't want them to eat - like my cherry and plum trees.

Goats need browse. They never seem fully content on a beautiful, clear pasture. Not that my pasture is a beautiful, clear pasture. Even so, there's no browse. So every day I clear out or trim something on my land and take it to the goats. Rose bushes, lilac bushes, fruit trees, bushes that have no name.

The rose bushes seem to be their favorites - they slick the thorns right off the branches leaving them clean as a whistle.

There are some lilac bushes on the south side of our bunkhouse that have grown into lilac trees.

My piddly little power saw couldn't cut through the bigger branches, so I recruited my husband to use his chainsaw to help me out.

The kids and I hauled the branches into the goat pen with the four wheeler while he cut down the next load.

By the time I got back to the goat pen with the next load of branches, the previous load was stripped bare - it was like candy to them.

They went after those branches for a week, coming into the feedlot area from their pasture to eat the bark off of the branches.

The lilac bushes now look great next to the bunkhouse and I just realized - I haven't yet taken a picture of that.


Nita said...

That's great, we did the same with some errant chestnut limbs last week. The leaves disappeared so fast, you would think they're starving.

I especially like the picture of the cat hiding - so true. Little hands get a little rough sometimes.

Nita said...

Love the new header!!