Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's been a busy two days.

One of my goats got mastitis while I was gone. I think it's because she was confined to the feedlot instead of being out on grass as she is when I'm home to manage them every day. Even with two kids nursing her, she got mastitis in one of her sections. So I've been massaging it and milking it out ever hour or two during the day and since she has twins, they're milking it out also. It appears to be receding now, thank goodness. It's been painful for her.

I got another bed made in the garden - I'll plant it tomorrow. Planting is so far behind this year because of the weather. I talked to an older lady that was at the Farmer's Market with me last year and she said that they've just planted their bean seeds for the third time. I can't afford that, so I've held off and am just planting them now. I hope I get to harvest something.

I weeded one of my beds - flax, cabbages, onions (that I thought had died during transplanting but didn't - yay!), turnips, carrots and greens. I can't believe I have some carrots coming.

Because of our pasture situation here, I've been putting our goats along the canal during the day and along our fences at night, making use of all the free feed I can. I should elaborate on our pasture situation sometime. It truly sucketh.

I got everything set up for my turkey poults that arrive tomorrow morning. When I left to go get something for the set-up, Ains started transferring chickens over to the turkey pen. She had fifteen transferred by the time I got back.


Nita said...

I'm so behind on my gardening too, with not enough seeds to keep replanting. I get discouraged reading blogs from the south and warmer areas, they are so far ahead. The worst is weeding what was already planted, but I shouldn't complain, the weather has finally broke, with some decent weather in the forecast.
It does sound like you have the mastitis under control, so it must not have been too bad.

Tuan's Princess said...

No kidding! I should just stop reading blogs from the south. I'm getting jealous!

Kytsmom said...

your home agraden would put my local Farmers Martket so shame. You're awesome. Sorry about your goat...