Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trimmed Ariel and Physions feet.

Put Ariel and Physion out on grass for a few hours.

Checked on the kittens - all three are still alive! And their eyes are open. Cute as three little buttons, they are.

The girls found my hidden flower patch. Bright orange tulips are now picked and replanted in their garden. But they got so much joy from them.

Lettuce starts are in. Final luffas transplanted. Next batch of lettuce started indoors. Fall crop of kale started indoors.

Two more ten gallon buckets of dandelions dug and dumped to the sheep and goats.

Strawberry patches weeded.

Baby giggled.

Good day.


Danielle said...

Was just reading your 2008 to do list and wanted to share a book we (read Jim) found really helpful for learning to butcher:

Basic Butchering by John Mettler.

Sarah said...

Oh, thanks! I've got to read up on that. Six more weeks before I have to make the final cut. Pun unfortunately intended. I've got to decide which males get kept as breeding bucks and which gets put in the freezer.