Friday, May 2, 2008

Since my last post:

-Cabbages, cauliflowers and broccolis are transplanted out. Cauliflowers are doing well, I'm worried about the cabbages and broccolis.

-Onion sets are planted out.

-Peas are in the ground.

-Goats are in the garden as we speak cleaning up the weeds left over from last year.

-Garden fence is up so planting in that area can begin in earnest. Hopefully spinach, kohlrabi, and radishes will go in today.

-Baby goats were disbudded. That was not fun for anyone involved, but it was less traumatic for all involved than I thought it would be.

-I've been moving my poor root-bound luffas into bigger pots as fast as I can find the pots. So far gallon ice cream buckets have been the most available pots - I hope these babies survive long enough to get in the ground. It's still weeks until they can go out.

-Trial planting of crownvetch is out in the big ol' dirt field. We have nearly six acres here, but half of it is in feedlot since this used to be a dairy. Dirt doesn't do much to help with the feed bill. Since we live in the desert and don't have a lot of water, I'm experimenting with drought-resistant ground cover out there. This is my first experiment. A "dry-run", if you will. Hee.

-I've given up on milking Celtic. I was told that it is hard to break a "layer" of her habit, and "they" are right. It's not just me she lays down with, it's her babies too. They are doing well, but it's not from having an attentive momma, it's from being good at sneaking nursing sessions on the run. Literally. I've watched them hang on to the nipple while running behind her. Then she lays down so they can't nurse. She just doesn't want anyone touching her teats, be it a human or her babies. I have three other goats and one on the way. I don't need to be struggling with a goat with an attitude problem also. Her breeder has expressed interest in getting her back (she's my only registered LaMancha), so I'll go that route first.

And just because a post is no fun without pictures, here's a random picture of a lamb we had a few years back. It was born the same time that Pirates of the Caribbean came out. We named it Jack. That skull looked scary!


Christy said...

That is a scary marking on that lamb! Sounds like you are making good progress in the garden. I can't wait to start planting in my garden.

Sarah said...

Christy, I thought of you and your son when I posted that picture. I hope he liked it!