Sunday, May 11, 2008

Let's hear it for the goats!

Over two pounds of milk from both my girls today!!!

The cats and dogs were so happy - four pounds of milk! The goats each put one foot in the pail while I was milking.

No bucking, hopping or sitting today, and only one (unfortunately well aimed) kick per goat.

But overall, I'm thrilled. They've doubled their milk production.

I'm interested to see how much Tamari will milk out. I didn't weigh production last year, but she steadily gave six cups a day with babies on her. I'll start milking her next week, right around when I get my chicks.


badhuman said...

I can't wait to have goats. Right now we live in an apartment so it's pretty impossible but they and chicks are at the top of my list as soon as we have some land for them.

Robin said...

Two pounds of milk is about a quart.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Robin! I love your webpage, btw. I visit frequently.

Badhuman, welcome! I'm getting my chicks next week. So very nervous. I hope it goes well.