Saturday, May 3, 2008

Early birds.

Earlier than I expected. I'm not supposed to get any poultry until mid-May. My husband's very funny boss had other ideas. He had two extra roosters and thought it would be funny to put them in my husband's work truck. When Matt got home, he cut the string holding their legs together and they took off before he could cut the string *off* their legs.

So now I have two roosters of unknown temperament running around my property. Roosters aren't known for being kid-friendly, so now I'm having to keep my eyes open for poultry.

Of course my labrador who has never shown *any* interest in birds before today has decided that *these* are interesting birds. I might not have to worry about how dangerous they are for very long...

I was in feeding the bum lambs tonight with Ains when I heard her say "Bauck! Momma, bauck! Roosken, momma! Baucka baucka!" I looked up, and there on the fence railing was a lone rooster - I couldn't find his buddy. I don't know if he's hiding, or whether a dog, a cat, an owl, or a hawk got him.

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