Monday, May 5, 2008

Big day today.

I got the oats in.

But that's not the big news. Tamari had her babies! I've been watching her like a hawk for two days. Checking through the fence every twenty minutes today, hoping to get a video of a goat giving birth for some friends online. She was getting sick of being watched. I swear I saw her roll her eyes at me. Then I head in the house to put the babes down for a nap. Thirty minutes and she sneaks them out. I'm sure she didn't feel like they snuck out. I came outside and I'd missed the second birth by two minutes, tops.

She had a boy and a girl, both jet black, no white on them that I could see. It looks like the girl may have elf ears while the male definitely has gopher ears. The female is much stockier than the male. So much so that I stuck them together for a picture.

Tamari is a very attentive mother. All of my babies are born now. I start training Physion and Ariel in a few days. I'm much more hopeful about them than Celtic. They're very good mothers who don't kick their babies off.


Nita said...

Congratulations to Tamari and you!
She beat Jetta. Today all she did was watch me in the garden in between her naps.
Do you have a market for your milk or do you use it all?

Sarah said...

Last year we drank all of our milk, but I only had one goat producing. This year I will have four - Tamari, Physion, Ariel, and one named Tiffany who I've had on hold since November - she should be getting here in about a month.

That's a lot of milk, so I'm going to try goat cheese and goat milk soap.