Monday, April 7, 2008

Poultry orders are in.

We've got chicks coming around May 19 from Meyer Hatchery. Cuckoo Marans, Ameraucanas, Buff Orpingtons, and - wait for it - BUCKEYES!!!

I ended up going with Meyer Hatchery because they had the Buckeyes. I couldn't find any other hatchery that did and they had two other breeds I wanted, so I opted out of the Light Brahmas (which Meyer's doesn't carry) and substituted the Buff Orpingtons. I have 50 baby chicks coming. *gulp*

I also ordered turkeys from Porter's Turkeys. I've got 20 (minimum order) Bourbon Red poults coming in June. If they can't fill the 20 poult order, some of those will be Royal Palm (first choice) or Narrangasett to get them up to the 20 poult minimum.

I'm trying to start a breeding flock of Bourbon Reds and another breeding flock of the Buckeye chickens, so I'm anxious about these babies. I have a month or two to work out my anxiousness and get ready for them. Hannah's excited about the babies getting here.


Christy said...

How exciting. I don't know anything about the buckeyes, I'll have to look them up.

Twinville said...

Can't wait to read more updates on your chicken order...and turkeys, too.
Those Buckeyes look so much like Rhode Island Reds, but they say they are even friendlier. I can't imagine! My RIR's are the first ones to jump into my lap and follow me everywhere. haha

And it also says that the Buckeyes love to eat mice. Looks like the barn cats will be out of a job! hehe

Pichinde said...

Oh, Christy, the Buckeyes are cool. The males roar! And they eat mice! They are also the only chicken breed developed by a woman. I'm very excited. Much more excited than my husband.