Monday, March 10, 2008

Starting plants.

Last Sunday morning, Hannah and I started the first plants on my seed-starting set-up.

First we mixed up the soil. My husband had forgotten to bring home some aged compost, so we mixed potting soil and perlite 3-1. That was fun for Hannah and Ainsley enjoyed playing in it also. Even mixing it on a tablecloth, my husband was having a hard time with the potential mess. And we haven't even gotten the poultry yet - I wonder if he'll survive me.

For the onions and leeks, we filled the trays with the soil mixture and planted directly in that.

For the cabbages and broccoli we filled my newspaper cups with some spaghnum moss on the bottom and then the soil mixture. I'm trying out a spring planting of cabbages and broccoli. I'll do a planting for a fall crop also. I enjoyed making saurkraut last year and I'm really looking forward to making it with homegrown cabbage this year.

I brought in all of the lights and Hannah dusted them off for me. (Then she dusted off everything else in the house that she thought needed dusting, including a very annoyed little sister.)

This is what it looked like when we got done. The blanket was to stop a draft coming from our fireplace fan. The trays are on a heating mat that I have to keep turning on and off since it heats the trays up about ten degrees too hot if left on.

This past week we added lights to the second shelf and moved down the sprouted plants. On the top shelf now is a tray of cauliflower and some of Hannah's Purple Coneflower plants.

I don't have anything scheduled to start this week, so we'll probably start another tray with more of Hannah's flowers in it. She's excited about her own garden, so I want to keep that going.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

These are wonderful pictures! And Hannah...what a helper! I couldn't believe her hoisting that big bucket of planting mix to pour into the ptting trays. So cute.

You have a new top picture on your blog. Is that a CALF looking at Hannah through the screen door?! This picture is prize winning! Hannah's hair...ah ha ha ha.

I didn't get the reference to your hubby - is he a neat freak stuck in a house full of imaginative, creative mess-makers? :-)

Pichinde said...

Danni, for someone who grew up on a dairy, my husband has a hard time with messes. lol He is slowly getting used to the fact that while the kids are young, the house will not be as clean as his mom kept it. My priorities are a bit different than his mother's were/are. lol

Isn't that picture great? That's from last winter. My holstein calf got out of her pen and next thing I know I hear Hannah talking to it at the door.

Christy said...

I really need to get my seeds started. We were getting ready to do them today when we got a call that lambs were being born at the farm. I could do them tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Twinville said...

Oh my goodness! I was cringing while watching all that dirt and soil so close to your carpet.

You are a brave one!

We've had so much mud here and I've just given up with keeping the floors clean.....but we have tile flooring. If it was carpet, I'd probably have to lock myself up in the funny farm! hehe