Saturday, March 22, 2008

My 10 cent books.

I just got two books for ten cents. Amazon sent me a customer loyalty gift card for $25. If you order $25 worth of books on their site you get free shipping. The total on my two books was $25.10. So with free shipping I paid ten cents for two books. Woot! Amazon hates customers like me.

Want to know which books I got?

- Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game. I've realized that it is too dang expensive to have my goats harvested where we get our other livestock harvested. You have to pay a kill fee and then pay them per pound of meat. I have my goats harvested pretty young for a variety of reasons, so the kill fee is not spread out over a lot of meat. I think my last goat cost me almost $100 to have harvested. That's expensive chevon. So I may try to harvest my own this year. Not looking forward to it at all.

- The Whole Beast. Nose to Tail Eating. By Fergus Henderson. You wouldn't believe this cookbook. He covers everything from stock making to bone marrow on toast to lamb's brains. This book came very, very highly recommended from very diverse people. Homesteaders, professional food blogs, hoity toity food and restaurant reviewers, everybody loves this guy's food and recommends this book highly. Here are some of his recipes...

- Pea and Pig's Ear Soup
- Warm Pig's Head (serious as a heart attack - it's a pig's head)
- Rolled Pig's Spleen
- Duck Hearts on Toast
- Lamb's Brain Terrine
- Crispy Pig's Tails
- Lamb's Kidneys in their Suet

You know, of course, that I picked out the most shocking recipes to list for you. There are probably a good hundred recipes in this book.

What I loved most about this book was the language this chef uses. About adding hot soup to seasonings he says "Pour the hot soup over these, give them a few moments to get to know each other." In an ingredient list he asks for "6 tomatoes, the happiest you can find". At the end of a recipe for Deep-Fried Lamb's Brains he says "The result is like biting through crunch into a rich cloud." Fer hell's sake, he can even make brains sound like they're worth trying once!

There's a recipe for making your own celery salt that I'm dying to try. I already made the pork stock and it was the best stock I've made. It's actually the only animal stock I've made that has worked as well as I'd like - it was really good.

I've updated my "Books I'm reading" list on the right of the blog if you want to check out the books on Amazon. I've read through the whole cookbook and have skimmed through the butchering book enough to know that I still am not excited about doing it. Ugh.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Egad, woman, you are a far braver soul than I! :-)

Twinville said...

Wow. Those books sounds fascinating, but I won't be looking at them.
The recipes you chose do sound quite shocking.
But it does sound like the author tries to make a huge effort to lighten up the whole yukky part of butchering and eating your own animals. I would probably enjoy the writing part.

But I'm a wimp, and I cannot imagine eating my own animals. Maybe one day, after the magic of farm life is finally realized and fully enjoyed, will we try raising a few meat animals...but I refuse to name them.

How could I eat any living thing that I named?
Do you name any of your meat critters?