Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A moment of silence.

Cabbages = -3
Broccoli = -1

Toddler learning about tiny plants, dirt, and how funny-looking Mommy is when she sees you learning such things = Priceless.

Dyson = priceless. Seriously.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh no!! My first thought: where's Dad...he's gonna have a COW! :-) :-)
Look at that proud look on her funny! Sorry about your plants...but her personal home-schooling lesson was way more important. :-D

Twinville said...


Now tell me! You posted this one on purpose after I told you how, in the previous post, how the dirt next to the carpet was going to drive me insane, right?

Ok....Lock me up. I can't take anymore!!!


Pichinde said...

lol - Sorry about freaking you out.

One word - Dyson. You must have one of these if you live in the country. Soooo worth the money. Three swipes over that and you couldn't tell where it had been.

Love my Dyson.

Christy said...

You gave me a nightmare with this post last night. I dreamed that my cat tore out and killed all my seedlings.