Friday, March 21, 2008

Lambing is plugging along.

Triplets and twins yesterday. Two sets of twins today. We now have a more than 100% lamb crop with ewes that have yet to lamb. Matt is pleased. Lambing is much more smooth this year than it was last year - and much less muddy.


Twinville said...

Oh wow! Nine lambs in two days! Can't wait to see some pics and updates!

Christy said...

I'm glad it is going well. Things haven't gone as well for my friend down the road. She has lost 5 that I know of.

Pichinde said...

Twinville, I'll have to put up pics tomorrow.

Christy, I should have been more clear - I was speaking in sheep rancher language. Our 100% lamb crop means that we have at least 1 lamb per ewe. Our lamb crop is probably at 150% right now - I'd have to go check the numbers to see for sure.

We have lost six lambs. A set of twins was born early and in a snow storm. They never had a chance since we weren't expecting them over two weeks early and the weather was not hospitable. We lost two more and their mom when she had them early - my husband got her as part of a package deal and she was already bred. Poor thing was too old to be a momma again and her body gave out - that was hard for my husband. We lost one that was in a set of twins, born too small to make it and another born in a group of triplets, also too small to make it. So we have lost six lambs and one ewe out of about seventeen ewes that have lambed, and I think we have thirty lambs... I'd have to go check the numbers like I said.

For a small confinement operation, I think 150 - 200% lambing rate is considered good. So far, so good!