Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The goats.

As you know, I've got four goats, all LaMancha.

This is Tamari, a four year old on her third pregnancy. Last year I got fantastic tasting milk in great quantity. She had twins - the male is owned by a friend of mine but the female, unfortunately, had to be culled due to behavior issues. I found out later that Tamari's sister's twin girls both had to be culled from their herd for the same reason. I'm going to try Imprint Training with these babies and hope that that makes a difference. She's such a wonderful milk goat that I'd like to keep a female baby from her - as if I need any more goats.

Here are the other three. The one in front, with brown spots, is Physion. She's due around the first of April. Celtic Satin, the black one, is due two weeks later.


Twinville said...

I would love to learn more from you about the La Manchas, as we are considering purchasing one very soon.

When you mention 'behaviour isssues' what do you mean?

In your opinion, what should we avoid or look for when considering a La Mancha goat for dairy purposes.

By the way, your girls are gorgeous!

Stephanie S. said...

In that last pic, it looks like you live a thousand miles from anywhere.
I haven't seen open land like that in a long time (being in a valley and all).
It surprised me!

Twinville said...

haha pictures can be decieving. We are only 10 miles from a Super Walmart...the biggest walmart in New Mexico actually. hehe

And we're only 2 miles outh of I-40and Rt-66.
We also have neighbors that are closer than I'd wish for because everyone has only 3 acres here. And depending upon how the houses are situated one can end up almost as close as one would be in a suburban subdivision....well, almost.

But you're right, there is a lot of 'wide open' space her in New Mexico.