Monday, February 11, 2008

Journal 10+

I got clued in to this journal in the comments on a random post on a random farming blog.

It's called Journal 10+ and it's a fantastic idea.

Each page is for one day - March 5, August 10, etc. On that page are 44 lines divided into 11 four line sections, each section for a year. That way when you note something, you can look back and see what was happening that day for up to 10 years previous.

This is a grand idea for recording children accomplishments, but it really shines when used as a farming journal. In the four line sections it has two circles where you can record temperatures. You can write down weather conditions, breeding/baby due dates, when animals joined your flock, when you moved them to pasture, when you got chickens, when you harvested them, when you started seeds, when you planted, when you harvested, how much you harvested, what you 'put away'.... The options are endless and very, very useful.

It will be nice to look back and see specific trends, obvious changes that need to be made, if the garden needs to be scaled up or scaled back, etc. No more "It's never been so windy." Just look back and realize, yes, it was this windy two years ago.

Now if I could figure out how to use Matt's fancy weather station, I could input more data in the book.


Danielle said...

Jenny over at Ironwood Farm turned me onto the Journal 10+. I got one for my birthday last September and totally geeked out over it for quite some time. I think it's the coolest thing.

Pichinde said...

It was actually a comment that you made on someone's blog - maybe Farm Dreams? - that led me to this. Thank you!

I'm geeking a bit also. lol