Monday, February 25, 2008

Goat supplies.

My spring goat supplies arrived. Last year I built a milking stand and made do with what I had for other needs. I was completely unprepared for the good deal on a great goat that I got, so it was seat-of-my-pants goat ownership.

This year I'm a bit more prepared. I ordered a kid box (for restraining babies while I do necessary work on them), hobbles (to help me train my three -gulp- first fresheners), a stainless steel milking bucket with a lid, and a goat electric dehorner.

I really don't want to use a dehorner, but past experiences with horned goats and then last year's experience with elastrating older kids' horns left their mark on me. It will not be fun (for me or the babies) to dehorn them this way, but it will be much more humane than either leaving them on or elastrating them.

I ordered these to have them in time for my first doe to kid out. Since she didn't kid, and my next doe isn't due until early April, I'm all set with my goats for a few months. I can breathe easy.


Aurora said...

I love your blog! I look forward to seeing pictures of the baby goats.

Pichinde said...

Oh, thank you! I'm heading over to check out your blog now...

Twinville said...

Ok, your previous post pulled me out of lurkdom. And then I decided to add comments to some of your earlier posts.

That being said, "You've got one enjoyable blog" It's real and thoughtful and full of great information.

I'm just starting out on our goat raising journey, so I plan on dropping in to your blog more often.

We already have one angora goat, and are getting two more this week.
Also one Boer Wether kid later this week, too.
And then in April, we plan to purchase our first dairy goat, a La Mancha. Not sure if we'll buy one in milk, or buy a doe kid.
What do you think?

I still need to build a stanchion! haha

The angoras are part of my fiber plan, along with our llamas, and future alpaca.
And the Boer? He's mostly a pet, but we hope to teach him packing for our family hikes and maybe show him in 4H.

I'm looking forward to seeing your future goat posts!