Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Favorite farming blogs.

Once you get going in the blogging world, you start to realise how big or small it can really be. You form relationships with those who live like you do - or live very differently than you do.

And there is so. much. information out there on other blogs.

So, like I do on my unschooling blogs, I thought I'd start introducing bloggers that I enjoy, bloggers about farming who either have lots of information, or live the life I aspire to, or are just plain fun to read.

The first blog in my 'Farming Blogs' list is Sugar Creek Farm. I check her blog daily. She recently added Ag Speedlinking, which I'm not so sure I'm fond of yet even though I have found some interesting articles through those posts.

She posts lots of beautiful and funny photos of the place they live and is frank about the trials and joys of their business. She also recently posted two killer pork recipes.

You might want to check her out.

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