Saturday, February 9, 2008

Beautiful day out today.

Warm enough for long-sleeved shirts. Warm enough to have snowball fights and make snow angels.

Ariel is nowhere near giving birth. I don't think she 'took' when they hand bred her, which means that my little black billy either has bred her since she moved here or hasn't bred her yet. So back into the goat pen he went. Since he isn't used to being moved, especially alone, I had my border collie Dan help me. He isn't used to being moved by a border collie either. Dan was patient until billy decided to charge him. They discussed things and billy decided it would be safer for him to walk right beside me, right behind me, or run between my legs, than to mess with Dan. It was an easy trip over to the females after he and Dan had their talk. I'll watch and see if Ariel shows any interest and base my new due date for her on those observations. The two due in early April are obviously pregnant, so I'm happy about that.

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