Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What to plant, what to plant...

I'm approaching garden planning a bit differently this year. Instead of simply going through scintillating garden magazines and picking out what looks "delicious to the taste and very desirable", I'm planning my garden based on what we will actually eat, what I have recipes for, and what I can store (freeze, can, root cellar) - and will use if I store.

There are two small exceptions to this rule -

1) I'm giving myself 1-3 "splurges", fun things to try.

2) Hannah is picking out some items to plant. Mostly flowers, I'd think.

Based on those criteria, here is my tentative list for this year.

Apple tree (I buy at least one new fruit tree per year.)

Fruits for freezing/canning. (Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries)

Sweet peppers for freezing, canning, fresh eating. (Red and green)

Corn for freezing.

Amaranth (grain)

Tomatoes for canning.

Squashes (Spaghetti, butternut, pumpkins, kuris)

Melons (Watermelon, canteloupe)

Onions (yellow)


Beans - dry (Garbanzo, soup varieties)

Greens (Kale, chard, spinach some lettuces)

Potatoes (Red, russett, sweet)

Broccoli (freezing)

Cauliflower (freezing)

Cabbage (saurkraut, storage)

Eggplant (fresh eating)


Peas (fresh, freezing)

Quinoa - grain

Celery (for stock)

Zucchini (freezing)

Herbs - to dry and use fresh. I don't need to buy any of these - plenty of seeds from last year.

Next on the list is to go through my seed box and cross off the items I already have so that I don't double-purchase.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow, this is quite a list. How much land do you have? All those seeds will make an incredible garden!

Christy said...

I can't wait to plant fruit trees. I'm trying to contain myself and not get an apple tree or 2 to grow in containers. I've been debating an indoor banana tree. Since trying to eat local only bananas have been out of our diet. We do love banana bread here though.