Monday, January 14, 2008


Yesterday's chore was to go through my plant varieties and mark down which need to be started indoors (and when) and which need to be started outdoors (and when). It took more time than I thought because while I was jotting down that information, I went ahead and jotted down important information that I'll need at planting time - after all, I already had the books open.

I used two books to help me with the planning. My favorite, Square Foot Gardening, a book that makes gardening easy for beginners, and The New Seed Starters Handbook, one that I've been poring over for advice on how to be more of a success with my starters this year. The latter had information on the more unusual varieties I'm planting, like celery, leeks, and amaranth.

It feels good to have that done.

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green said...

You are busy... in a very elegant resourceful way!

I've requested your books from my library. Hopefully I'll get my own garden going here.