Tuesday, January 1, 2008

This is necessary.

It used to be hard for me to keep up with one blog and now I have three! It became obvious to me last night, when I was about to update my unschooling blog (The Napping House) with gardening posts, that I needed a different blog for that.

This new blog will have my posts about gardening, my milk goats, my husband's animals, my new additions (hopefully turkeys and ducks), and work on the food we eat here, trying to make it more local and home-grown. None of those subjects would gel well with an unschooling blog focused on how damn cute my kids are.

I'm also excited to add some sidebars to this blog that I've seen on other blogs but haven't seemed appropriate for my other blogs.

So a new year, a new blog. At least in the spring, this may be my most active blog while we're gearing up for the production season. I have no good name for this blog yet - I'll work on that.

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